Our RIABLEND® product line includes all plastic compounds made up of at least two polymers. On the one hand, we blend polymers with chemical structures that lend themselves to combination. On the other hand, our blends are also made up of polymers that don’t initially seem to go together but that we combine with the help of compatibilisers. So our own take on the Swiss army knife enables us to create a variety of different combinations, as well as plastics with various properties.

Our take on the Swiss army knife – at least two polymers innovatively combined to create your perfect solution. We make everything possible.

RIABlend® DN.

Product description.

Need staying power? Two polymers that work in unison and know exactly what to do. You can be the one calling the tune.

RIABLEND® DN is a semi-crystalline, thermoplastic construction material based on polyamide with semi-aromatic constituents. This plastic compound is particularly suitable for moderate continuous working temperature ranges and is thus used in a wide variety of different sectors for components subject to high mechanical loads. The product range includes highly reinforced or highly filled compounds, as well as tribologically modified types.


  • Excellent stiffness, strength and impact resistance
  • Low creep tendency
  • Outstanding tribological properties
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • High dimensional stability


  • Support and structural components
  • Housings
  • Components subject to tribological stress
  • Components conducting drinking water

RIABlend® A, AP, B, C, H.

Product description.

Dive into our magic world of polymers. Our quick-change artist will become anything you want it to.

Blends in this product line are polymer blends made up of at least two engineering thermoplastics. Compounds in this product line are often application-specific special developments with an extremely variable property profile. They are thus versatile and used in all types of industry.


  • Combination of mechanical properties
  • Adjustment of the required gloss level
  • Control of the acoustic damping properties
  • Improved chemical resistance
  • Lower moisture or water absorption
  • Greater UV resistance
  • Modified tribological properties


  • Automotive trim parts
  • Occupational safety equipment
  • Sports equipment
  • Domestic and garden appliances
  • Housings and covers in medical technology

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